Scandinavia welcomes doctors

Scandinavia has been one of the most popular travel destinations for people who want to find a medical job abroad. With their healthcare systems being so advanced and well-organized, there is no wonder that many countries all over the world are taking Scandinavia as the primary example of how proper health care should look like. Of course, it is not all about rainbows and unicorns – the work is still hard and strenuous, but if you wish to broaden your perspective and give your career an ultimate boost, Scandinavia is your way to go.

Working as a doctor in Scandinavia

There are many wannabe doctors out there that expect their education, once it’s finished, to be a sufficient ground for getting an offer in the medical field. Unfortunately for them, Scandinavian countries expect a little bit more. They value experience above all and are often expecting from young candidates to go through some extra courses and training before they properly start working in Scandinavian hospitals. Sometimes it may be even necessary to sign up for additional courses to upgrade qualifications and be legally able to apply for a medical job there!

Northern light


What are specialists sought for?

General Practitioners are in high demand in Norway and Denmark, while Sweden is mostly looking for psychiatrists. If you are a trained and skilled dermatologist, gastroenterologists or gastric surgeon, you may find it easy to find a job in Norway. Radiologists and neurologists will find their place in Sweden as well as Denmark and Norway. Scandinavia is striving to get the number of patients per doctor as low as possible, hence such outburst in job offers.

If you are looking for medical jobs abroad, check with a specialized employment agency and find out currently open job offers available for your qualifications. They will help you with all the registration documents, interviews and relocation issues. Remember, moving abroad for a job, especially in the medical field, is a challenge on its own. You will need to study hard, get your language skills as high as possible and possibly endure some forms of training before you will be ready to work as an independent doctor in the hospital. The paychecks and respect you get for your work will be worth it, though – Scandinavia is said to have the best opportunities for doctors and it rarely disappoints in that field.