What is gaming?

Gaming is not only a part of pop culture and a widespread hobby, but has a cultic character in some countries with e-sports. Not only in Korea, E-sports tournaments are celebrated for StarCraft and other games in large halls and thousands of spectators.

The reporting is by no means exclusively in the hands of professional editors and magazines.

With Let’s Plays, so recorded or streamed videos with comments from the player, Gamer themselves have taken over the task of game and long-term tests. Their reports and videos not only serve the entertainment, but also influence the buying decisions of their fans. No wonder that some gamers, who started with a few Let’s Plays, are now working with the gaming industry and can generate a good income with their passion.

Whoever is also aiming at this goal will sooner or later have to create their own gaming homepage. Particularly popular are home building kits. These offer building blocks for the design, so-called templates, which serve as a template, but can be individualized down to the last detail. And they provide building blocks for various content such as text, image or video, so-called widgets.

The reasons for your own gaming homepage, that is, the advantages that it entails, are just as much the topics of this guide as example pages for gaming homepages and information on the contents, which should not be missing on such a website. Finally, you will find tips for selecting a suitable modular supplier and a suitable Internet address.