Best design solutions for your basement

Using your basement as an additional room of the house and actually doing it up might not be that bad of an idea. With the fact of how small some of the London houses are and how little space there is for improvement, renovating the basement is the perfect way of extending without actually building an extension. As the trend of renovating basements becomes more and more popular today, we collected some of the best design solutions for your basements along with ideas that you could turn your free space into.

Multiple rooms at once

Basements can be one of the worst spaces to renovate but it’s not always as difficult as it initially seems. One of the best ideas that helps you save money on the renovation and get the most use out of your basement is going for multiple rooms instead of one. How would that be cheaper?

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Basements are usually divided just as the rooms on the ground floor are, just so that the walls upstairs can be properly supported. That could be a disadvantage with how little light there is in the first place. However, if you think about it, this can give you an advantage as well! Space that is nearest to the windows or the lightwells could be used for a playroom, a bedroom or any other space you would need your natural light at. If you paint it white and play wise with the décor, you can make it seem twice as big. What with the rest of the space then? Trace the things that are already there – space down the stairs can easily become a perfect storage unit and the corner with all the pipes and your boiler your new utility room! There’s so many options.

Use the whole space

It’s no secret that for many people the basement is the main storage area. You can save it and still make the space work as something else – you just have to use your imagination. Good organisation is key here and strategizing is what we’re all about. As we sad, the space under the stairs will be perfect for some shelves and storage cupboards. Similarly, if there’s any corner that seems too dark to be anything else, make it your wine rack or put up a shelving system for all the things you don’t need upstairs. Remember that using the whole space up will not only make the room look neater and better, but it will also increase the value of the house as a whole.