Mobile shopping with the smartphone

On the way back home quickly make the purchases without just leaving the bus? Sounds better than after fasting fast to the nearest supermarket to sprint to shop before shop closing, right?


Shopping by smartphone makes it possible!

Meanwhile, we can do a lot with our mobile phone. We compare prices and brands in which we scan the product codes. In addition, we can find ingredients, ingredients, recommendations on the various products. Also the shopping list make many by mobile phone.

But the sector of mobile shopping is interesting for many companies and users. It opens many new possibilities, but companies are hesitant. Only a few traders have set themselves on shopping by mobile phone. Many are still catching up on what they have missed in e-commerce.

In supermarkets, such as the REWE Group, you can now pay by smartphone. The supermarket chain Netto sends the receipt and the information about the purchase directly to the mobile phone. So the user has collected all his data and the company also finds out a lot about the buying behavior of the user. This ultimately helps the company more than the buyer.

It can be observed, that in some product divisions the sales numbers on the Internet even go back already. When buying by smartphone, however, this tendency is not yet to be seen. Books, music, electronics and movies are still at the top of the list of best-selling articles.


The users of mobile shopping

Users quickly want to do their errands on the go, making it as easy and convenient as possible.

Shopping at any time is a relief to everyday life for many people. It is no longer necessary to hurry before the shop closes to the next supermarket, but you can order the shopping comfortably in the bus on the way home by smartphone. It is also possible to continue shopping in the retail trade, but to replace the cash with the mobile phone. This saves time and has all his purchases at a glance.

The process seems relatively simple if you have the right mobile phone. You are, for example, loaded down from the supermarket net, gets an activation code and is released. Afterwards you can do your purchases conveniently by smartphone.

It is practical that the invoice amount is charged with the next mobile phone bill. Thus, annoying paying with cash or with a card falls away and the purchase goes even faster.


What disturbs users?

Improvement still needs to be paid. Users still have a bad feeling to pay by smartphone. If it is possible, is always paid by Paypal, invoice or direct debit. Users are concerned about their personal data and see the smartphone particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Another problem is the often poor overview. The products are often difficult to see or select, many users complain. Reasons are often too small screens or the poor adjustment of the mobile shops. Further, the buyers feel disturbed by the many pop-ups and the often long charging time.

In some cases there are also upper limits for payment by smartphone. These can however usually be changed by the mobile phone provider.
Is mobile shopping our future?

Experts see great growth potential for online shopping. Especially for furniture and supermarkets, it is important to focus on buying by smartphone. Otherwise, many online competitors come to it. As well as clothing is increasingly ordered by mobile shopping comfortably home. But tickets and tickets are also purchased more and more by smartphone. Ultimately, in most sectors, there are major growth opportunities for purchasing via mobile phone and you should be prepared to do so.