Why a managed website will more than double the requests?

The term Managed Website is characterized by the idea that a successful Internet presence for a company is more than a thing that is created and then remains motionless for many years on the WWW. This is our understanding of effective homepage support.

That would be as if you hung a door sign in front of a alley and thus chopped the advertising chapter.


Homepage support redefined: managed website

A successful Internet presence includes a holistic marketing concept. By clever use of proven successful advertising methods and the smart use of already established systems, we can not only increase the visitor volume, but also ensure increased qualified inquiries.

Through optimizations on your homepage itself – we mean not merely search engine optimization – the visitor stream can be managed in a controlled way.

Ask yourself, with which idea would you like a potential customer to go away from your website within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Which message should he remember? An example of this could be “wow – the make consulting for large companies, but I can also afford it” or “interesting – with this company does what and the answer also afterwards still my questions”.

If so, save your precious time – the following article is not for you. Go jogging or taking a coffee.

If they are not satisfied, we welcome them to the world of managed websites.

We take the following concepts as a starting point:

The “information pitch”

The key question here is how do you want to place your product and how to present the message based on which your customers choose for you.

Well-written texts describing the products or services of the company together with pictures which in high quality without words are able to transport the message.

At this point, it is important to incorporate elements that increase the feel-good factor and build a familiarity with the company. Counter elements, FAQs, employee image are a good thing to do.

Share your knowledge and demonstrate your competence

Share is the new “more” in today’s Internet landscape. By operating a blog, information portal or simply providing useful technical information, you not only show your own competence, but also create an invaluable added value for your potential customers.

With simple tools, you can create an unmistakable affinity for your services / products. Not only does this factor play an important role for the search engine optimization, it also creates recurring visitors and thus potential buyers, who like to pass by again.

Do not forget to include a blog, video posts and the like in your strategic marketing plan.
Increase the awareness of your products with positive impressions

As is often the case, one tries to leave a lasting impression as soon as they get to know each other. While many rely on stubborn craftsmanship and obsolete “sales techniques”, it has clearly become clear that a lasting impression can be achieved more easily with a small help or a positive surprise.

Instead of simply adding adjectives such as “cheap” and “good”, it is much easier to achieve a positive mood with small helpers. If you can still make these little free “products” do a spreading work for you (by sharing or ge-sharing), you’ve even won a free advertising.


  • a free test including analysis
  • explanatory videos which address known problems
  • a helpful checklist
  • or even an eBook or “so called” whitepaper

These tools can easily be linked to other marketing tools and they are no longer losing visitors. Instead, they collect contact data from interested parties and ideally receive free advertising in the social media.

And the whole with the added value of the positive association for your products in the sphere of influence of a potential customer.


A managed website could be equated with the idea of ​​an ideal website. It is the optimum interaction of marketing and technical components to get a maximum amount of visitors interested in the company’s services.

A smart concept based on proven successful methods is the foundation. Take the time and invest your attention in it. As soon as the inquiries, orders and the positive feedback begin to accumulate, you will thank it.