3 innovative webdesign trends you need to know today

Have you noticed how often webdesign changes itself? Every year there is something new, heck – maybe even every month. Trends are growing up really fast today, so we have to be trendy, right?
//1// Split Screens

A vertical division of the screen into two equal parts, with clear separation, is something we expect to see in 2017 much more. This is a visually extremely striking trend that reminds us of an open book and gives the page a natural feel. The trend is also quite varied; on smaller screens / devices, the two parts can be stacked into successive blocks or converted into a side panel navigation.


//2// Use color with vintage quality

Choosing colors for a website is complicated and is influenced by many factors, including corporate design, industry, color psychology and personal taste. No matter if you like blue or feel more attracted to orange, just imagine the colors you choose to run through an Instagram filter to create a warm, nostalgic feeling.


//3// Custom scrolling

We see a clear trend in which pages do not use the traditional browser scrollbar and instead create their own tailor-made solution for their content. Some pages use “virtual scrolling”, which still allows the users to scroll, but this directly in the app, instead of leaving the browser control. This allows various types of scrolling like the page of Build in Amsterdam, which has been designed around horizontal scrolling but can be operated with a common mouse; up and down scrolls the content left or right to bring the mobile experience to the desktop.